Checking out the Viral Launch Amazon Seller Tool

By Lukas Hendriks

If you’re looking to buy something online, chances are you’ll search for it on Amazon.

Studies show that 89% of American consumers are more likely to purchase through Amazon than any other platform, making it the heart of eCommerce right now. As a business, that’s a lucrative opportunity you don’t want to miss out on!

However, with more than 2.5 million merchants selling through Amazon Marketplace, the competition is fierce. You need a strategy and the tools to help your business succeed in a saturated market, where only 25,000 of those merchants are making more than $1 million in sales.

That’s where Viral Launch comes in. It’s a way to give your brand the seller tools you need, at the scale you need, so that you can improve your visibility, automation and results.

Viral Launch homepage screenshot

What is Viral Launch?

Viral Launch originally started as a successful product launching platform, but quickly pivoted to provide an Amazon seller tools platform, similar to Helium 10 or Jungle Scout.

This background in product launches and the experience of selling on Amazon means that Viral Launch’s developers are industry experts. Viral Launch is designed to be a multi-functional market research tool that goes above-and-beyond what’s offered by its competitors.

What Viral Launch offers is comprehensive support at every stage of business. It’s there to help you identify market trends and profitable products, track keyword popularity and rankings, optimize product listings, and more.

What’s even better about the Viral Launch suite is the fact that it doesn’t just focus on the US Amazon Marketplace. You can use Viral Launch on 8 Amazon Marketplaces: the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Mexico Canada and Germany, as well as the United States.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll have full access to the package of tools that Viral Launch provides. The sign-up process is streamlined to make getting straight into your dashboard as easy as possible.

There’s a series of membership options to make sure that you have access to the tools that you need to take your Amazon business to the next level. To date, Viral launch has tracked more than 225,000,000 products, launched more than 44,000 products, and grown more than 10,000 brands.

The pace that Viral Launch works at is a real benefit to the suite. It’s all geared towards helping you make smarter decisions at a faster rate so that you can have the advantage over your competition, supported by data scientists, AI-powered insights and billions of scraped Amazon data points. What’s more, Viral Launch are constantly focused on improving and expanding their platform so that accuracy, speed and results are improved.

All the tools provided by Viral Launch have focused and defined purposes to make them as effective as possible. The great thing about Viral Launch is the step-by-step guide that you’re provided with so that every part of your dashboard is something you can connect with and use to its best potential.

Let’s take a look at all the viral launch features and tools.

Find Your Niche: Product Discovery and Market Intelligence Tools

Two crucial parts of Viral Launch are the Product Discovery and Market Intelligence tools. These two tools work in tandem to help you identify the most profitable products on Amazon.

Product Discovery is where you’re likely to start when you get into your Viral Launch dashboard, as it helps you to find the products that you can sell, and the products that are going to be the most profitable.

The Product Discovery tool allows you to discover a product’s estimated monthly sales and monthly revenue. On top of this, you can scan the competition you’d be up against by checking the average price and the product review count and average review score.

Viral Launch product finder

In the Product Discovery tool, you also can filter by category and by brand, as well as searching in a number of ways, such as category search, keyword search, and brand search.

This is where the background the Viral Launch developers have in selling is so integral to lifting the platform above its competitors—it allows you to understand which products are rising among both customers and sellers. This means you can identify the particular niches where demand is rising, so you can take that opportunity to sell products within that niche.

Alongside the Product Discovery tool, an essential part of the Viral Launch platform is its Market Intelligence tool. This is a part of the suite of software that can also be added as a Google Chrome extension, meaning that you can carry out product research as you browse the Amazon website. On top of this, Viral Launch assigns products its own star rating so that you can rapidly identify trends and qualify or disqualify product ideas.

This system is a phenomenal way to discover the products that will work best as your top listings on the eCommerce platform. It produces reports on specific markets or products that you’re considering: you choose the product, and the Market Intelligence tool does all the rest. Your report will contain all kinds of useful data, such as current prices, estimated profit margins, sales estimates, historical sales data, and even an analysis of how on trend a product is.

Market Intelligence has some of the most accurate sales estimates available. Only other premium tools like Jungle Scout and Helium 10 come close to harvesting the same amount of data points that Viral Launch does. It’s an incredible product research tool, and one of the very few that will show trends across the entirety of an Amazon market.

In combination, these two tools work together to give you the best overview of which products are trending, so you can make quick decisions to get ahead in terms of profitable products.

It’s good to know that there’s even a free trial option for Market Intelligence, including 5 free searches per day with no credit card required.

Build Your Keyword Strategy Using The Keyword Research Tool

Most Amazon shoppers reach product pages by using Amazon’s search function. With 73% of shoppers clicking the first organic search result, ranking highly on popular search terms is the key to selling success. Essentially, keywords are one of the integral tools of a successful Amazon seller.

The framework that’s used by the Amazon search function is pretty similar to that used in Google searches. People searching for specific terms are presented with a list of results ranked in the order Amazon deems to be most helpful.

Viral Launch keyword research tool

Viral Launch goes above and beyond what you’ll get with other available keyword tools. With those, you’ll get general ideas about which search phrases to identify and target when you’re trying to rank higher on Google.

You can access that data because it is extracted from Amazon and stored in the company’s massive database. Viral Launch’s keyword research tool lets you discover keywords with high search volumes and check out historical search volumes to help you identify keywords on an upward or downward trend.

Online search trends and trend patterns are changing all the time, which means that Viral Launch needs to be as up-to-date as possible. In order to achieve this, Viral Launch checks into the Amazon system multiple times a week to make sure that its keyword data is updated. This means that the keyword insights you get out of the Keyword Research Tool are specific and relevant—you can see how keyword trends are changing, so you can compare historical search trends to current trends and understand better which keywords are gaining or losing relevance.

Viral Launch also provides you with an opportunity score, which scores keywords from 0-100. What this feature allows you to do is show the markets that have high volume but few ranking listings.

Last but not least, Viral Launch also lets you perform reverse ASIN (product identifier) keyword lookups, which basically reveals what keywords a particular product is ranking for.

When you combine this with the Viral Launch Product Discovery and Market Intelligence tools, you’re able to devise a comprehensive keyword strategy for your products that will informed by data. In essence, Viral Launch helps you to find strong opportunities for product sales.

Track Your Keyword Rankings and More With Keyword Manager

Keyword Manager is a way for you to keep track of your most important keyword analytics.

Sure, other tools offer this, but Viral Launch displays more keyword data for your products than any almost every other tool on the market.

With it, you’re able to uncover information like index checks, organic and sponsored rankings, search volume trends, keyword scores and badge notifications. The best thing about it is the fact that you can curate your product’s keyword bank, so that you can tap into every potential customer.

Create Winning Listings with Listing Builder and Listing Analyzer

Listing Builder and Listing Analyzer are two more tools that really ramp up the efficacy of Viral Launch. When used alongside Keyword Manager, you’re looking at a trio of tools to allow you to get the best results every time you use them.

The Listing Builder tool is a painless way to create Amazon product listings that will rank. When you move into Listing Builder, you can use information to create an interactive keyword bank with a listing optimization score, so that you can develop SEO-optimized listings that maximize your impact when it comes to Amazon search results.

The Listing Builder tool helps you craft these high-quality, SEO-optimized listings so that every relevant keyword that you might rank for can be covered. It maintains in-built scoring and keeps track of used and unused words, alongside offering key metrics such as opportunity scores or search volume.

Listing Analyzer is a way for you to discover innovative and powerful listing improvements that you can make to existing listings, in order for you to boost your rankings and your sales. It achieves this by performing a quick SWOT analysis. This includes evaluating your titles and product descriptions to see if you’re including relevant keywords, as well as comparing your listings to similar listings on price, character count and photo quality. The really impressive thing is the fact that its automated keyword discovery feature evaluates up to 100,000 keywords to determine an ASIN’s most important keywords—all with no human interaction.

You’ll then receive a score out of 100, which allows you to really compare and contrast your listings against your competitors. What’s more, Viral Launch’s Listing Analyzer gives you a comprehensive list of tangible solutions that you can implement—it’s really a tool for developing sales strategy with the in-depth data it gathers. With this, you’re able to see if your brand could improve on its sales conversion rates.

You can’t purchase these tools individually, but they are included in the Pro level package. At Pro level, you can track up to 2,000 keywords across all ASINs; if you upgrade to Brand Builder, you can track up to 5,000 keywords. With the real potential these tools have in terms of sales and conversions, it makes considering a Pro package all the more worthwhile.

Scout Out Your Competition With Competitor Intelligence

We’ve already talked about how Viral Launch can help you get ahead of your competitors, but it really is one of the most valuable tools you get with the platform.

The Competitor Intelligence tool is a full-fledged competitor tracker and analyzer. It not only finds the keywords your competitors are ranking for but also the keywords they should be ranking for but are missing; this means you can tap into all your key opportunities.

Competitor Intelligence also allows you to track and receive alerts for your competitor’s metrics around keyword ranking, sponsored ad placement, price, reviews, sales, and a whole lot on top of that.

What’s more, Competitor Intelligence lets you keep tabs on a number of competitors (quota varies by subscription plan) by alerting you to changes in their pricing strategies, keyword rankings and even new customer reviews.

The scope of the Competitor Intelligence tool is dependent on which package you decide to buy. If you’re only buying the Market Intelligence package, Competitor Intelligence isn’t available to you. However, with an upgrade to the Beginner level, you can track up to 3 competitors. The number remains the same with the Pro level, but then jumps to a huge 100 tracked competitors with the Brand Builder package.

For businesses wanting to really fill the gaps in the market, this is really an invaluable tool for tapping into the areas where your competitors are failing to capitalise. Once again, Viral Launch is equipping its customers not only to respond to product and keyword trends, but to step ahead of them.

Supercharge Your FBA Business With Viral Launch’s Premium Features

Outside of Viral Launch’s core tools just outlined, Viral Launch also offers more tools and services to take your business to the next level. These aren’t included in standard pricing plans and therefore come at an additional cost, but they really have the potential to take your business even further. Data drives everything that Viral Launch does, and these additional tools are another way that the platform has seen its customers’ needs and sought to provide a dynamic solution.

Split Testing (Listing Dojo)

Viral Launch offers access to an A/B split testing tool through their partner, Listing Dojo. You can split test your product listings such as your images, titles and prices to determine the most profitable combinations.

Listing Dojo homepage screenshot

What this means is that in order to increase your sales and your profitability, Listing Dojo uses analytics to show you exactly how to drive the optimum number of clicks, sessions, sales and conversions. The information that you receive out of this is displayed as comprehensive graphs and statistics so that you can understand your business better, and identify the most profitable options for each of your listing’s elements.

What’s even better is the fact that you can create a split test in ten minutes. Once it’s been set up, your campaign will run in the background; with this set-and-forget feature, you’re making money without any extra effort! You choose a product you want to test, you choose the element you want to test (such as price, image, or description), add your product information and let Listening Dojo do the rest.

Listening Dojo is an intuitive addition to the Viral Launch platform that gives you illustrative data that can help you increase your sales and profit. It offers you up to 150 active campaigns, guaranteed statistical insight, and a team with passionate and knowledgeable customer service.

Kinetic PPC

This is Viral Launch’s newest additional product. What Viral Launch’s Kinetic PPC tool does is boost your paid ad performance by letting you automate your ad campaigns.

You can automatically pause or stop unprofitable ads, decrease bids on overspending ad sets, increase ad spending on top-performing ads, and more.

Kinetic also provides in-depth PPC analytics. It can analyze how each product is performing individually across all campaigns, keywords and search terms. This allows you to have an immediate and positive impact on your campaigns: you can prioritize high-converting keywords, and remove those that are draining your budget.

You’re able to get to know the software and how it works by scheduling your first 5 automations with a trained specialist; the customer care that Viral Launch prioritizes really shines through. You’ve got integrated research tools, so you can add the best keywords to your campaigns that will drive profits and sales.

Kinetic is essentially exactly what you’re looking for with a PPC tool—plus a bit extra. It’s a dynamic addition to the Viral Launch platform that helps you see how ads contribute to profitability, and lets you manage your campaigns to make them most effective.

Product Launch

We mentioned before how integral it is to Viral Launch’s capabilities that it was developed from a product launch platform.

Not only will Viral Launch offer you all the tools to maximise your seller profile on Amazon, it also gives you the chance to put your product in front of Viral Launch’s audience of more than 350,000.

Alongside coupon codes through managed promotions that comply with Amazon’s Terms of Service, Viral Launch is certain to put your product on the map. A launch is a way of increasing your brand awareness and profile, and driving external traffic to your Amazon listing—all of which increases your potential customers and sales!

What Viral Launch offers is an exclusive group of shoppers who make up one of the largest Amazon buyers’ groups in the world. All the launch packages include unlimited coupon giveaways, so you’re not stuck paying more for larger promotions.

Plus, it takes only minutes to schedule your set-and-forget promotion, so you’re not having to worry about scheduling; in fact, as long as your launch is scheduled by 8pm EST, it can launch the next day. Or, you can opt for a granular scheduling strategy, customizable at no extra cost. If you want to change the number of units each day instead of running a consistent launch, that’s no problem—you’re totally in control.

The process is incredibly streamlined. It’s simply a case of adding a product, choosing a package, and purchasing your launch. From there, you’ll be able to define the parameters of your launch; you’re in control of things like the number of coupons, the duration of your promotion, and even the URL that directs the buyer to your product. Once that’s all complete, you can really sit back and watch as Amazon shoppers engage with your product!

At the moment, Product Launch is available in the US, the UK, Germany, Canada, France, Italy and Spain. The feature is coming soon to the Japanese, Indian and Mexican markets, as Viral Launch builds its audience. Viral Launch are also careful about the way they perform these launches, so you can feel safe that they will not contravene Amazon’s Terms of Service.

Viral Launch Pricing

Viral Launch is a comprehensive, well-developed platform with continued investment from its developers. That kind of powerful support for your Amazon seller profile comes with a price tag, but Viral Launch have staggered pricing tiers that mean you can find the right tools for your needs and your budget.

Viral Launch pricing 2021

The cheapest option is a $20/month plan for researchers who are looking to gather analytics and data on a product market; but this only includes the market intelligence Chrome extension.

Next up is a $48/month beginner program, which is perfect for entrepreneurs who are looking to launch their first Amazon product.

Moving up to the Pro level comes with a cost of $80/month, and is designed for growing brands who want to improve their sales. There’s a big jump in terms of the features you get when you move from Beginner to Pro: you’re looking at having access to Product Discovery, Market Intelligence, Review Automation, Keyword Research, Competitor Intelligence, Listing Builder and Analyzer, and the Keyword Manager.

When you progress to Brand Builder level for $120/month, you’re adding to the features you get at Pro level, such as by expanding how many products you can research using the product finder, or how many products you can reverse ASIN search. This is great for larger brands who are looking to dominate their market.

Finally, the Kinetic plan comes in at $166/month, which is aimed at established brands who want to maximize organic and PPC profits. The Kinetic plan is complete access to the features offered by Viral Launch, which means better results for less effort.

It’s worth noting that subscribing to an annual plan will work out slightly cheaper, and that Viral Launch often offer discount coupons that can further reduce the cost.


Overall, Viral Launch is a multi-faceted and comprehensive tool for building your Amazon marketplace profile.

It’s easy to sign up, and to get access to a dashboard of tools that will supercharge your Amazon seller profile. From Product Discovery to Market Intelligence, and from Listing Builder to Kinetic PPC, there’s a tool for every kind of business and a staggered price range to match.

With Viral Launch, you’re sure to find the data that helps you take your eCommerce business to new levels and greater revenue. As with anything, you get what you pay for—Viral Launch is one of the more expensive packages out there, but the sheer capabilities of the software suite make that justifiable for serious entrepreneurs.

Viral Launch is a software that offers rich insights into Amazon business, and a real chance to plug the gaps of niche markets where competitors are failing to capitalize. It’s a varied software suite with a considerable range of features that really allow Amazon sellers to tap into the markets that they’re engaging with. Plus, the additional features like Listing Dojo, Kinetic PPC and Product Launch are what takes Viral Launch to the next level from its competitors. It’s an intuitive, cleverly-designed tool that will no doubt make a real impact on its customers.

What’s more, the company has a great rapport with its customer base. Reviews of Viral Launch consistently include words like transparency and integrity, and their focus on customer support and customer service really shines through in the design of their platform and the packages on offer.

Viral Launch is a great service through which to boost your understanding of the Amazon market, and to see how you can build an even better business.

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